3 Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Website

Your website is one of your primary and most expensive web marketing tools. Take time to keep it running smoothly. A well-functioning website makes your users happy and helps to maintain your search engine rankings. Here are three maintenance tips that you can do now!

Update Software

First, never ever make any updates until you back up your website. Find your maintenance manual, learn how tologin, and update your software. Check your vendor’s website to determine the most recent software versions. If you have a WordPress website, your PHP software should be version 7.0 or higher. WordPress version should be 5.0 or higher.  Check each integrated code package to get the newest version. Update one at a time checking the website to assure compatibility after each update.

Clean Out SPAM

If your website is open to user input, even if it’s just a contact form, you may get SPAM. Delete all the SPAM comments.  If there are thousands, you’ll save time by going to your database to delete them. Consider investing in a web security tool to prevent SPAM.

Check Your Connections

Review your integrations with social media, email campaign vendors, and eCommerce vendors. Evaluate the cost and benefits of each one compared to the newer vendors. Swap out vendors to get upgraded functionality and better deals.

At Engaged Marketing Co., we can help you keep your website well maintained and running smoothly. Contact us to chat at info@workwithengaged.com.