Website Design for Search Engine Optimization

We recommend that your website needs to include both user-friendly features and search engine friendly features. At Engaged Marketing Co., we know that you want to make your website unique and beautiful…Let us work our design magic and help your vision come to life with features that are both important to search engines and that are user-friendly.

Let’s review three design factors that affect search engine optimization (SEO).

Website Content is King

Website content is the primary factor in both user experience and search engine ranking.  Users land on your website seeking information. Make sure everything visitors look for is easily found. Search engines look for robust content and relevant images. Don’t skimp on text and make sure images are optimized and clearly described.

Focus on Key Pages

Your landing page, “about” page, and “contact” page are key. Your landing page describes what the visitor should do and how they should do it. Visitors look for clear navigation, clickable buttons, easy usability. Even if visitors never go to your “about” page, search engines will. Your “about” page explains who you are and why you are the best. Finally, your “contact” page explains how to reach you and includes at least your name, address, and phone number.

What You Can’t See Counts

The best web design starts with what you don’t see.  Your web designer will work with you to identify key phrases visitors will use to find you. These key phrases will be used throughout your website text and will be summarized behind the scenes. These summaries are used by search engines to display search results.

Consider contacting Engaged Marketing Co. at when you are ready to design your website for search engine optimization. We’ll write content, help you focus on key pages and make sure what you can’t see counts.