“Whisk” It Up – New Website Design Project 

See what we ‘whisked’ up!

In June of 2019, Whisk Paleo opened their storefront doors to the public and introduced their grain-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free treats.  Engaged Marketing Co. was able to provide Whisk Paleo with a new, responsive, user-friendly WordPress website design that showcased their new brick and mortar location.  

Unsure how to navigate from webpage to webpage without getting lost?  No worries because there are no hidden features or complicated links needed to maneuver through the Whisk website. 

Before focusing on the fine details embedded in the website, we made the main page the heart and soul of the site.  No need to push any buttons or get lost searching for your desired information because we developed the website on a single scroll.  While navigating through the page, don’t miss out on the tasteful images of delicious cakes and cupcakes. It’s our goal to make you hungry, feature the new bakery space and enjoy learning about the displayed deserts that Whisk has to offer.

Don’t get too excited and forget to continue scrolling!  😉 

We love the beauty of the images that Whisk posts on Instagram,  so we decided to integrate an Instagram plugin to showcase the authentic pictures that will make you want to “Order Now”. To suffice your hunger and promote Whisk bakery items, we even included an “Order Now” button that allows customers to “say yes” to their cravings. We created a user-friendly form that customers can fill out and Whisk will receive a notification when submitted. 

To be sure that nobody has trouble finding the store, we also provide you with a map and a pin where Whisk is located.  Now there are no excuses for not ordering your favorite Whisk product!

Whisk Paleo is an engaging and creative website that Engaged Marketing Co. had the privilege of designing.  Our goal is to provide companies with the vision of their dreams and supply them with content that is important to their target audience.  Our unique designs and passion show through our aesthetically pleasing images and websites, providing you with the best content for your company. Contact Engaged Marketing Co. for web design, SEO and other website needs at info@workwithengaged.com