Social Media Trends: Instagram Update

Social media has continuously been an outlet for many companies, consumers and overall users.  2019 is a year of rebuilding trust, implementing quality engagement, and improving transparency in social media.  Throughout the last couple of years, Instagram has made its way to the top of the social media rankings, trailing behind Facebook.  If considering Instagram is part of your social media strategy, now may be the time to improve your presence; it will soon be the next best way to market your company, brand or products!  

Instagram stories have been rapidly increasing in the past few years, reaching 400 million views.  They provide a fun and easy way to reach out to your followers, getting them invested in your brand, content, and products. In our experience, a fun way to promote engagement, while staying cutting edge, has been by utilizing the new “countdown” sticker on their stories. This has been a popular way to excite followers for upcoming events and new product launches.  

Instead of directly posting on social media feeds, companies and users are spending most of their time posting advertisements or personal information on their ‘story’.  Stories are very intriguing and meant to be created ‘in the now’ with nothing more than a click of a button.  

The excitement of Instagram in 2018 revolved around brand stickers. It was a clever way to get people to advertise their company in a way that did not feel like advertising.  Since then, Instagram has added many new features that allow users to interact with companies and be up to date on the next best thing….as it is being released! 

Instagram has been growing over the years and will only continue to gain popularity.  People will continue to lure in consumers with their witty comments and interactive posts; focusing on the effective and user-friendly aspects of social media.  As of right now, Instagram and Facebook are leading rise of accounts, but Twitter and Snapchat are not far behind. 

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