Graphic design has changed immensely over the years and it is evolving to conform into the next best thing.  Staying relevant and standing out are important tasks to focus on during 2019. Hundreds of companies have dedicated their time to staying up to date on the current graphic design trends.  Have you?

One of the highlighted trends popular to graphic design is 3D design and typography.  Gradients are made of two or more hues that gradually blend across your designs. You have the freedom to explore different trends with gradients to make them look both subtle and bold.  Gradients are present on a daily basis in local advertisements and graphics. For example,  Hulu uses duotones; images that use only two colors.

 Another trend that is booming in the graphic design industry is the Pantone Color. The “color for the year” 2019 is “living coral”. This color in particular is widely displayed on social media advertisements, imagery, and everyday products.  For the last 20 years, the Pantone Color of the year has had a major influence on apparel, merchandise, industrial design, packaging, and much more. 

 Our on-hand graphic designer Jodi Wegner keeps up with these trends for our clients. When asked what she thought about the graphic design trends for 2019 she said 

“While markets can change, trends can help us depict the relevancy of a design for a fresh perspective. By knowing the upcoming trends of the future, it is possible to determine the direction of brands for tomorrow”. 

 Graphic design has a major impact on any business’s brand. The team at Engaged is dedicated to staying up to date on the current graphic design trends. Let us help!  

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