Do you know what company we are referring to when saying, “Just Do It”? Nike has developed strong brand consistency over the years. Brand consistency does not only focus on slogans, but incorporates elements such as colors, design, messaging, tone and brand promise. Companies have the power to educate customers how to associate something with their brand without including a company name or logo.

Making a voice known without referencing it plays a large role in the recognition of the brands we have come to know today.

Brand consistency must then transfer to a company’s website to keep customers on track and relieved from any confusion. If a brand and website are clean and user-friendly, customers will notice the connection between the time spent on quality branding in relation to the overall marketing effectiveness of an organization.

A brand voice can help speak to an intended audience, making your company one step ahead of competitors. Create a tone for your company and speak to a target audience in a desirable manner, gaining their trust.

You are bound to notice at least one logo that stands out in surrounding environments. The color and design is intended to grab the attention of viewers, pulling them into the desired product. Attention to detail evokes the viewer’s emotions, making them familiar with (hopefully your) trustworthy company.

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