Did you know that on any given day, about 11,000 of our neighbors in Sheboygan County may struggle with hunger?

That’s why, among many other reasons, the Sheboygan County Food Bank is vital to our community. They not only provide, but partner with local agencies to help distribute, fresh and perishable goods to over 3,000 of our neighbors on a monthly basis.

We are honored to be trusted with the design and development of their new website!

This food pantry is committed to a healthy community. Their commitment to fight hunger is apparent when scrolling through the secure, mobile-friendly WordPress website.   The appearance of the website is visually appealing to potential visitors and introduces them to a life-changing organization. The new website was part of the Sheboygan County Food Bank rebrand which consisted of a new logo, color palette, messaging and a new identity provided by Ogilvy (Sheboygan Food Bank Marketing partner). We incorporated their new brand identity throughout the website. The site is very interactive and includes design elements that engage users to visit each of the website pages. Another important component is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Working hand in hand with the Sheboygan County Food Bank team members to integrate content and create SEO copy.

The imagery scattered throughout the website was carefully crafted as a way to suggest donations and present volunteers and partner agencies in a ‘fun’ and ‘artistic’ design. The color scheme was chosen to display the natural freshness associated with the produce and stocked goods.

A countless number of images express emotion and showcase individuals volunteering their time and resources to offer a helping hand.  “One ____________ makes a difference.”  A few of the images capture these powerful words. They suggest that one, perhaps small, the gesture is able to make a large impact. Consider grabbing an extra can of soup from the soup aisle, or volunteering to distribute goods at a local partner agency.

As long as the community members continue smiling and visitors are satisfied with the overall message, the food bank will continue to grow its popularity through its website, partners and community awareness.

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