After working closely with Bartow Builders, we created a website that helped bring a vision to life.

 In order to make the website user-friendly, we organized it in a way that allowed visitors an easy navigation.  We did so by including a top navigation bar for access to social media buttons and contact information. Bartow Builders also focuses on podcasts and blogging, which is why we decided to create two post pages for both! This allows for easier access on mobile and desktop devices.

 Not only is the website easy to navigate, it is quick to load. The website contains a variety of imagery (large files tend to reduce load speed) and after optimizing the back end, we were able to create a unique, interactive experience for users.  While scrolling through the website, be sure to take note that certain text and images fade.  

To spice things up, we also created a gallery for each project that Bartow Builders has managed. We hope that this will grab the attention of future clients!  It is important to show a potential client that their dreams are feasible, which is exactly what we did with Bartow Builders’ branding imagery.    

Trust in Bartow Builders to make your dreams come true!  Partner with them on your next project and you will be far from disappointed. 

Need website help or not sure where to start? Please contact the Engaged team today by clicking here.