Throughout the past few months, our team has had the opportunity to work closely with Toman’s – Men’s Fashion on their recent rebrand from Art Imig’s of Kohler

Not only has Toman’s moved locations, they trusted us to revamp their website and social media content.  After speaking with Jake Toman, the owner of Toman’s, we began to understand his wants and needs that would attract his intended audience. 

 In order to reach his desired customers, the content on the Toman’s website had to welcome visitors in a way that spoke “brotherhood”.  To do so, we put ourselves in the shoes of a high-end shopper who was interested in having a tight-knit relationship with a loyal company. 

The website is intended to introduce future buyers into the unique environment that Toman’s creates.  The top bar navigation allows easy access to additional features that the website has to offer, as well as easy navigation for all users. 

Whether you’re sitting on your phone or laptop, be assured that access to the Toman’s website will provide the same outstanding experience.  The easy navigation feature is transferred to any mobile device. 

Along with the website renovations, we took the time to understand Jake’s vision for his new logo!  The sleek and simple look of the new Toman’s logo presents the overall professionalism of the company.  Toman’s goal is to project confidence and sophistication to men all over the world, which is why we decided on a black and grey color palette and fit well with the interior design of the new store.   

Next time you’re in the area, check out Toman’s – Men’s Fashion at their new location: 795 Woodlake Rd, Kohler, WI 53044.  If you’re too eager and want a sneak peek at what Toman’s has to offer, follow their Facebook page!

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