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Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice provides compassionate care and quality of life to those in need. Engaged Marketing Co. worked with their team to achieve a multifaceted marketing project covering web design and development, campaign strategy and implementation, media buys, photography and promotional products. 

Our comprehensive marketing strategy focused on raising brand awareness and visibility within Sheboygan County and surrounding communities. Collectively, we hoped to share an uplifting and meaningful message to Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice’s target market while simultaneously launching a refreshing marketing campaign. It was important to move forward in a manner that continued to honor the founders’ legacy and vision of love, compassion and caring for our community. 

Website Design & Development

The design and development work that went into creating the new website was focused heavily on easy navigation and mobile-friendliness. For those visiting the website, it provides information and displays an extension of the service that Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice provides.

Sharon S. Richardson Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign –  Because_______matters. 

The strategy and implementation of a complete marketing campaign was our team’s favorite part of this extensive project. Behind the scenes, we worked in various phases, completed multiple focus groups and interviews and ultimately suggested the campaign Because_______matters. The graphic design work for this project took an approach outside the traditional healthcare realm. We used vibrant colors to highlight My Journey, Comfort at Home, Living with Dignity, Compassionate Care and Moments of Joy. These strong messages were used to help the community resonate with the mission and efforts of Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice. Let’s face it. Hospice can be scary and confusing. Streamlining the message to be positive and vibrant was a key takeaway in order to distinguish Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice from its competitors. 


To really bring this project to life, we were able to capture imagery of the hospice’s beautiful facility. Our photographer was able to reveal the true beauty of the facility and the surrounding serene gardens. These assets were used for the development of the new website allowing the end-user to easily gain a feel for the care facility. 

Thank you to the management team at Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice for choosing to work with our team! We are extremely excited for the future of your community messaging! 

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