5 Tips For Creating Video Content

Video content can be an effective way to engage your audience and promote your brand. The significant increase of smartphone usage year after year has taught us as marketers how to be more aware of creating content that is more visually appealing and educational yet allows us to build trust with our audience. Video content, in general, is difficult to ignore. That’s why we have decided to research and provide five tips for creating compelling video content. 

Keep It Accessible.

With video content, it is important to keep in mind where your users will be viewing your content. Often, this may be through a mobile platform. It also may be in a setting where they are unable to access audio. Be sure that your video is effective in all scenarios. Consider using subtitles when necessary, or creating written content in video form.

Quality Over Quantity.

It’s clear that short-form video is on the rise. TikTok doesn’t allow videos past three minutes in length. Most users create videos even shorter than this. This holds true for Instagram reels and Facebook stories as well. Even when looking at longer videos, it is important to keep the information concise. YouTube videos may be longer but should still hold the attention of the audience.

Create a Call To Action.  

Grabbing the attention of your audience is one thing, but what happens once you have it? Include a call to action in your video so that those who are new to your brand know how to reach you. Use these moments to your advantage, and direct users to where you want them to go.

Stay on Brand.

Videos are a unique approach to content, but you shouldn’t forget about branding. Your brand is crucial to recognition from your audience. It’s important to maintain this throughout your content. You may alter content a bit, but try keeping the color scheme and fonts on brand to maintain that recognition.

Measure Engagement.

Videos allow for a different method of engagement than likes and comments. On video content, there is an ability to see how many people viewed your video. It varies what you can access on each platform. Some platforms, such as TikTok, allow you to see what profiles viewed the content. This is a great tool to see who your content is reaching, and allows you to make strategic adjustments as needed.

Creating video content is an ongoing process. Continuously experiment, learn from your audience’s feedback, and adapt your strategies to maximize the impact of your marketing videos. If you would like assistance with social media video production, reach out to us at info@workwithengaged.com.

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