Applying the psychology of
color to marketing

Some may say it is “just color”. Although in reality, us humans are much more in tune with color than we may consciously realize. Psychologically, color spurs many reactions. Drawing emotion, creating balance, giving meaning and representation, achieving harmony, and driving personality are just a few of the common ways one responds to color.

In direct correlation to a company’s brand and logo, color sends a message. It builds connections and even has the ability to stand between a successful and unsuccessful sale.

Did you know it generally takes 90 seconds or less for a viewer to determine their opinion of a brand? 

First impressions are important; color and imagery relate both directly and indirectly to brand awareness. Consistent brand colors help customers recognize a brand quickly and stay top-of-mind. Generally speaking, warm colors (red, yellow and orange) tend to be associated with energy, while cool colors (green, blue and purple) are linked with calmness and security.

Color and Identity Marketing Examples

John Deere has established a simple green and yellow color identity, which can be seen from a mile away. When you see a green tractor in a field with yellow accents, there is a good chance John Deere automatically comes to mind. John Deere has gone through great lengths to successfully establish identity and color consistency throughout their history.

Coke is another example with a simple, established color identity. Their notorious red and white colors are easily recognized. Coke’s red color is associated with power, excitement, energy and passion. In addition, it is known to stimulate an appetite, which makes it an excellent choice for graphic designers when branding food or drink. White, on the other hand, is considered a brilliant color of choice because it stands out on signs and packaging. Coke’s branding consistency across the world has brought them much success.

Engaged Marketing’s color palette includes two main colors, teal and gray. Teal is associated with communication, clarity and compassion. Gray draws in balanced creativity paired with a calming and sophisticated look. Bring this all together, and it speaks to our mission. Engaged Marketing’s hope is to become an extension of your team, which is accomplished with a hands-on approach. Connecting with clients in a way that is easy to understand and implement is top priority.

Branding, colors and visuals greatly impact marketing success. Read more about the importance of eye-catching visuals. Looking for a creative marketing partner to help your company get noticed? Please contact Engaged Marketing Co. at

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