Did Buzzfeed Have The Right Idea? Adding Quizzes To Content.

If you’ve heard of the content group Buzzfeed, you have probably completed one of their online quizzes. Although your business might not benefit from asking users questions like what kind of Halloween candy they are, you might be able to gain valuable insight from utilizing quizzes. Being able to engage with your audience is crucial. Let’s look at how you can tailor these quizzes to your niche and why you should be using them:


  1. Engagement: Quizzes are excellent tools for capturing the attention of your audience. They encourage active participation and make the learning process more enjoyable and memorable for the audience. 
  2. Knowledge Assessment: Quizzes also allow you to collect primary data about the level of understanding your audience has of your products, services or content. They help to identify knowledge gaps and areas that need further clarification or emphasis. 
  3. Learning Reinforcement: Testing learners’ knowledge through quizzes allows businesses to reinforce the things they are promoting. Repetition in a user’s mind is essential for generating a new or returning customer. 
  4. Lead Generation: Quizzes can serve as lead magnets. If the content you offer as a company is valuable and engaging, users may be more willing to continue to view your content. 
  5. Segmentation and Personalization: You can also segment your audience based on their preferences, interests or knowledge levels. With this information, you can personalize future content to cater to specific groups more effectively. 
  6. Social Sharing and Virality: Engaging quizzes are likely to be shared on social media platforms. This increases the visibility and reach of your brand and content. 
  7. Product/Service Recommendation: Depending on the quizzes topic and your business needs, you can design quizzes that offer quality feedback on current products and services. You can also utilize them to allow the audience to find personalized product or service recommendations that you offer based on their responses. 
  8. Learning Progress Tracking: If you offer a series of quizzes as a part of a learning journey for your audience, you allow them to track progress and see how they improve over time. 
  9. Competitions and Rewards: Quizzes can be made to follow a scoring system or offer rewards for achieving certain scores. This could be giving users discounts on your products or services, encouraging them to interact with you and check out what you have to offer. 
  10. Feedback Collection: Quizzes can be used to gather feedback on content, products or services, which allows you to better understand not only what your audience wants and needs but who your audience is. 


When using quizzes, it is essential to strike a balance. Make sure they align with the goals of your content and remain relevant and informative. Keep quizzes user-friendly, visually appealing and accessible. Finally, be sure to analyze quiz data and insights to improve future content and optimize your audience’s experience.

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