Eye-catching visuals

Before you even begin reading what’s on a screen or display, your eye is naturally drawn to any images that may be included. Essentially, images are laid out to make a first impression, connecting the reader to the text. You may have heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”; however, when it comes to effective marketing, eye-catching visuals are very important. 

Both online and offline, we are surrounded by an abundance of marketing materials. Good, bad or indifferent, companies are continuously finding creative ways to quickly grab one’s attention through ads, influencers, videos promoting products, mail, email, and billboards.

The importance of stand-out visuals cannot be stressed enough. As a brand, creating consistent, aesthetically pleasing visuals can increase awareness, trust and even profit. The following statistics show just how impactful visuals can be:

This insight reinforces key marketing statements, which can help visuals get noticed for the right reasons. Make a lasting impression, and avoid getting lost in the crowd. 

Here Are Two Strong Visual Projects Recently Created by Engaged:

Noteworthy visuals tell a story, help brands draw connections and utilize effective call to actions. They are successful because they are relatable, have a consistent look and message, are aesthetically pleasing and align with a brand’s identity. Knowing your audience and following your marketing strategy also contributes to effective marketing visuals. Less effective visuals often make common mistakes. For example, including too much can be a distraction that takes away from the visual’s message. Overlooking the audience’s perspective can also cause a great visual to lose its potential. 

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