Identifying a Target Audience and Social Network Platform

Social media marketing can be difficult; finding messages that engage a larger audience and are specific enough to get your message across. It really comes down to two marketing aspects: identifying a target audience and choosing the right platform for success.

Creating eye-catching content, communicate valuable and industry specific information is really important, but what makes the target audience tick? Is it more important to become a create a fan or become a customer?

First, identify a target audience:

Here are a few items to consider:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Common Interests

…the sky is really the limit. To help understand this better, write down some specific characteristics about your business and who you are looking to appeal.  For example, if you are a home improvement store, your target is broadly going to be homeowners, but you can further delegate this to new homeowners and what they are specifically looking to do with a house… painting, carpeting… we all know homeowners have a long list of “to do’s”.

After the target market is defined we want to look psychographics of consumers, a great way to find these out are communicating with the employees who directly work with the customers. This can include how your products or services fit into your customers lifestyle, need or wants, and likes or dislikes. When the target audience psychographics are determined, it’s time to determine content for a social media strategy.

Secondly, choose social network platform:

Naming social networking platforms on two hands is quite easy…Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Blogging… you get the jist. Each platform has a different reach; most commonly used is Facebook and a great place to start!  Instagram and Pinterest primarily users are female; businesses could showcase clothing, cooking, and home related products. LinkedIn can be skewed towards professionalism and B2B, while Twitter can be a news source.

Still finding it difficult to choose? Here at Engaged, we like to say “be successful on one platform before moving on to the next!” Also, never stop the conversation even if you are open weekends or six months out of the year. We wouldn’t want you to be the business that leaves customers out of the loop!