What We Can Learn From Wine And World Travels

It’s an interesting perspective; traveling and marketing. For me, it’s fun and exciting to see how different brands communicate in different ways; how personal touches are important while others appeal to the masses. My recent adventure to Napa Valley left a great impression on my thoughts about personal touches and how crucial they are to … Read more

Meme’s – You Cant Be Serious

The world of social media is ever evolving. Let’s be honest, even US within the industry have a hard time keeping up with the terminology, constant design changes and evolving platforms. For as much reading I do about industry trends and updates, I consider myself ahead of the curve. My business relies on me having … Read more

Follower February

Follower February: Finding The Perfect CombinationI am excited to announce that every month our social media channels with be hosting a theme. This month’s theme is: Follower February. Obtaining followers can be TOUGH, especially if you don’t utilize push-pull advertising (push advertising; attention grabbing claims to put products in the mind of customers while pull … Read more

Can You See (Right Through) Us?

Social Media Management Services

Starting conversations on social media can be TOUGH. But, you know what can be even more tough? …Managing conversations. The true power of social media marketing includes a transparent image yet is effective enough to build a positive brand. How so? Transparency acknowledges conversations that are uncontrollable, undeniable and sometimes….unexpected. Realize that things sometimes, just, happen. Here … Read more

Stories That ARE MEANT To Be Told

Well fans, 2016 is off and running. Ready or not, here it is; another year in the books and another year of resolutions I swear to keep. This includes the utilization of a new activity tracker (my sleep habits are WORSE than expected), being an activist for my beloved communities (geographically, societal) and writing exciting, … Read more