Sheboygan County Chamber Of Commerce


The Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce fosters professional success on both an individual and business level. Their programming, advocacy, and strategic initiatives focusing on the Betterment, Improvement, and Growth of Sheboygan County provide a breadth of value to businesses of all sizes and individuals of all ages. The Sheboygan County Chamber was looking for a rebrand and needed a cohesive marketing strategy and assets to take their brand to the next level. Our tasks were to raise brand awareness by increasing visibility within Sheboygan county and to foster a strong connection with their membership through different marketing channels.

With a thorough knowledge of the Sheboygan County Chamber’s brand already in hand, we began the design process. We wanted to give their overall brand a more professional and polished look and feel. At the completion of the project the Sheboygan County Chamber received a brand new website, iconography, a detailed styleguide, rebranded newsletter and a refreshed social strategy and content.

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