Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra’s New Look

Experience the wonder of the symphony. Transform and be inspired. Escape the ordinary. With a new mission and vision statement in hand, the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra asked our team at Engaged Marketing Co. to tackle a full encompassing marketing project.

Refreshing the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra’s branding and website was an opportunity for the organization to engage current and attract new audiences. Furthermore, it allowed them to focus on a cohesive approach to renew excitement, fulfill their new mission statement (engage community through extraordinary musical experiences) and show the community that there is something for everyone at the symphony, no matter one’s age or musical background.

From here, it was our team’s job to put everything into action. This marketing project was dissected into multiple phases that included logo redesign, web design and development, website content creation and SEO optimization. We also createdprint and digital marketing assets.

Logo Design & Brand Identity

Out with the old, in with the new! The new logo stimulates an atmosphere of excitement with a renewed sense of vibrancy an

d inspiration. When redesigning the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra’s logo, we focused on musical transformation. By incorporating moving, colorful patterns, we were able to create a sense of wonder and amazement.

Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra has so much more to offer than just an average symphony experience. The discovery phase for this project included stylescapes and complementary branding colors in support of this messaging.

At Engaged, we use stylescapes as part of our creative process to bridge the gap between our internal ideas and the clients. A stylescape is a combination of imagery, typography, elements and colors to communicate a certain look and feel of a brand, website, interior space, or any other design project.

To keep things vibrant, the following colors were integrated into the new logo and brand identity:

  • Purple: creativity, wisdom, mystery, magic
  • Fuchsia: confidence, assurance, stimulation
  • Orange/yellow: energy, excitement, attraction
  • Light Blue: trust, reliability and healing

Other variations of the logo are used for Sheboygan Symphony Youth Orchestra (light blue) and Sheboygan Symphony Chorus (orange/yellow).

Web Design & Development
Each website serves a different purpose and must work in conjunction with other branding/marketing efforts. Our team focused on a clean and effective design, which allows the brand and creative to speak for itself throughout the site.

Inspiration, innovation and inclusion are the symphony’s core values, reflected by the website design, imagery and messaging. Overall, the new website catches one’s eye with strong, vibrant images, an easy to follow navigation and an interactive slider to clearly identify upcoming events. By the end, we guarantee you will be excited to attend a performance!

Content Creation & SEO Optimization

Throughout the website, content was created in alignment with new branding efforts. While still informational, the content provided a flavorful twist, alluding to the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra extraordinary experience. Throughout both the content and on the backend, SEO optimization was utilized to increase visibility for relevant searches.

Print & Digital Marketing Assets

Lastly, to wrap the project up, print and digital pieces were created. Our team created a mailer to announce the 2021 season. We also created social media images/templates for the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra team to announce the launch of their new logo and website on social media.

It is surely an exciting time for the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra. We are so thankful for the opportunity to be involved as their creative marketing partner throughout this process! Is your company looking to rebrand? Contact Engaged Marketing Co. at

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