Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

What is a social media campaign, and how do you decide if you need one?

We can help you evaluate whether such a campaign is right for your business. If it is something that can benefit you, Engaged Marketing Co. is experienced in successfully planning and carrying out a social media campaign. We use a 4-point checklist to see this process through:

#1 Create a plan.

A well-planned social media campaign supports each pivotal moment in your company’s life. Launching a new product. Opening a new location. Forging new partnerships. Whenever you need to inform people of your goals, arouse their curiosity, get them talking about you, social media is the platform from which you’ll launch your success.

Your partnership with us to create a tactical social media plan starts with establishing a set of objectives. Around these basic goals, the specifics and details are put into the right place of the plan. What do you need to accomplish short-term? Long-term? What social channels will be used? How will each be utilized? What content is targeted to whom?

#2 Choose the most effective platforms.

It sounds self-evident: Direct your message to the social media platform(s) where your customers will see it. But sometimes, it takes careful research to find where your target audience spends time online. Once you find those places, however, you’ll have a smaller target. You’ll know where to focus your attention.

#3 Set up a content calendar.

Print publishers have used editorial calendars for centuries. But even with technology undreamed of only decades ago, they are still essential. They help you leverage content across media, streamline your resources, and keep your internal resources focused on the needs of your audience.

If your company already uses an editorial system, you’re ahead of the game. If you don’t, we’ll help you to quickly catch up with a free, customizable Excel template. If you decide to share your calendar with your team, we will determine what tool can best accomplish that: a Google Drive spreadsheet, a WordPress calendar plugin, or something else.

Some items you can include when preparing for an editorial calendar::

  • Content, and how it should be categorized
  • Format of content (text, image, video, audio, presentation, something that’s never been done before?)
  • Keywords
  • Promotions, special pricing, customer loyalty incentives
  • Schedules, milestones, due dates
  • Written updates: where and when they’ll be posted; which team member(s) is responsible for updates

#4 The voice of your brand.

Your audience reads and hears your message, through the content you produce. But they also hear the voice of your company—your brand voice.

Each time they hear that voice, their view of your company grows. They hear not only the content, but every nuance of style. Formal? Personable? Technical? Easy for the layman to grasp?

You want your content delivered via social media in the voice that you have used successfully through traditional means to acquire customers. ESN will help you present your message in a style that conveys professionalism and inspires confidence.

Getting started

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