2018 Year In Review

Engaged Marketing

Wow! What an exciting year 2018 has been for Engaged Marketing Co.! We’ve grown, rebranded and continue to expand our marketing services to better serve our clients.  This year has been a remarkable year full of success and firsts. Despite growth, Engaged team members are active participants in our community; maintaining our customer service and … Read more

2017 Year In Review – Engaged

2017…what a fun, exciting and interesting year it has been for Engaged Social Networking (and not quite over)! We usually say no two days are the same; that also goes for year two, three or four have been the same! This year has been very remarkable due to the growth and success we’ve experienced (especially … Read more

Has Your Business Dabbled in Email M@rketing?

E-blast, newsletter, email campaign, update, and promotion are all terms associated with email marketing. Email marketing is a tool that is inexpensive and really a great way to get your marketing message to customers. Why use email marketing? There are multiple reasons why,  but many businesses use it to inform, build relationships, generate leads and … Read more

Why Your Business Should Consider Blogging

“Blog” a term you’ve probably heard once or twice…(bonus!)you’re reading one right now! There are multiple reasons why a business should consider blogging; we’ve come up with three sufficient reasons why to blog: Boosts your SEO for your website Feeds your social media channels Gives your company a voice Before we jump in and persuade … Read more

Setting Soci@l Media Goals For Your Business

How does one have time for effective social media marketing? Have no fear we’re here to help! We are going to share five social media goals that every business should have…These goals are completely MEASURABLE and can tell how well your social media strategy is really performing: At Eng@ged we go through our “Branding Guide” … Read more

Do what you love. Love what you do.

  A question to ask among yourselves, do you love what you do? You may be able to answer right away or it may take a minute to answer…after you have thought about it; why do you love what you do? When you love what you do the odds of you being more successful, happier … Read more

Meme’s – You Cant Be Serious

The world of social media is ever evolving. Let’s be honest, even US within the industry have a hard time keeping up with the terminology, constant design changes and evolving platforms. For as much reading I do about industry trends and updates, I consider myself ahead of the curve. My business relies on me having … Read more

Follower February

Follower February: Finding The Perfect CombinationI am excited to announce that every month our social media channels with be hosting a theme. This month’s theme is: Follower February. Obtaining followers can be TOUGH, especially if you don’t utilize push-pull advertising (push advertising; attention grabbing claims to put products in the mind of customers while pull … Read more

Can You See (Right Through) Us?

Social Media Management Services

Starting conversations on social media can be TOUGH. But, you know what can be even more tough? …Managing conversations. The true power of social media marketing includes a transparent image yet is effective enough to build a positive brand. How so? Transparency acknowledges conversations that are uncontrollable, undeniable and sometimes….unexpected. Realize that things sometimes, just, happen. Here … Read more

Stories That ARE MEANT To Be Told

Well fans, 2016 is off and running. Ready or not, here it is; another year in the books and another year of resolutions I swear to keep. This includes the utilization of a new activity tracker (my sleep habits are WORSE than expected), being an activist for my beloved communities (geographically, societal) and writing exciting, … Read more