The Importance Of Having A Well-Designed Website

“The arrangement of design elements within a given structure should allow the reader to easily focus on the message, without slowing down the speed of his reading.” – Herman Zapf

Websites: you need them, love them, hate them and business’ (in today’s world) cannot be without one…bold statement, we know. But what if your current website is just there, not creating results for your business? When’s the last time it has been updated, 3-5 years ago? We know your company has changed in some shape or form since that time period. How’s the layout and design? Does it focus on your product, service or story?

We stressed in our last blog that, “38% of people will stop engaging with a website if it has an attractive layout or design,” according to Adobe. We agree with this completely, it’s like that saying, if you’re going to do it, do it well, do it right…something we do at Eng@ged.

Enough with the fluff. Let’s get down to business, two important trends we want to concentrate are:  

  1. Layouts that can help focus your content
  2. Big, bold design

Content is the single most important attribute on your website, that’s your sell. But what if everything around your content is not allowing your product, service or story to shine?  The ultimate role in the design and layout is to present content in an intuitive, efficient and delightful way, according to Webflow. A more minimalist design approach has been a common theme; creating clarity throughout the web with focus on the content. The approach focuses on functionality versus bulky, flashy graphics. The result is quite attractive and beautiful.

Three unique design techniques embraced:

  1. Asymmetrical grid design – allows transition from uniform grid templates giving designers the ability to break from rigidity and offers variety creating an overall unique concept
  2. Overlapping text – creates an appealing layout by overlapping images and text making the visual experience phenomenal
  3. Fixed content scrolling – allows content to essentially stick to screen while scrolling, resulting in stunning designs. It’s unique because it allows overlapping text to match with images when users navigate the page.

Next up…

Big, bold design…and no, we do not mean big, thick weighted text. In fact, we mean focusing on the product and service that makes the statement. The logic behind the designs is to grab attention; you may see single word header or pages and splashes of color. This style still complements the minimalist style, keeping it clean.

With so many trends and changes, the main goal is to tell your story and give a voice for your brand through your website. Your website is a 24/7/365 marketing tool.

Have further questions for our web specialist, Lindsey, or not sure what direction to go as far as website design?

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