From Nothing To That, Website Showcase: McKay Plumbing

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be…functional” – Cameron Moll

Autumn is here, leaves are changing, the Packers are winning and in the business world, it’s planning and budget time for the 2018 year! This is the best time to rethink your marketing strategy, objectives and the effectiveness of your company website.

We would like to showcase one of our recent website projects from this summer, McKay Plumbing in Plymouth, WI!

“McKay Plumbing was a fun challenge for Eng@aged because it gave us an opportunity to not only build a user-friendly and responsive website but allowed us to provide a refresh for their brand and identity as a company. Because McKay had limited marketing materials available, it was a perfect time to collaborate and take an in-depth look at their industry to build something new and fresh.”

We had a few goals in mind:

  • Simple and functional design
  • Emphasize contact us and services
  • Mobile-friendly

Out of that came the ‘McKay Way’ of unrivaled work ethic, fast and thorough and 24/7 emergency service.  Our fabulous web designer, Lindsey Scheuer,  really hit the ball out of the ballpark with this design and McKay Plumbing had love at first sight!

We would like to share a testimonial from McKay Plumbing:

“Since Engaged Social Networking debuted our website we have seen an increase in business. I have been able to gauge that by customers commenting on how our website looks and how easy it is a to maneuver through. We never realized how important it was to have a website until customers started commenting on it when they called for an estimate or a job to be done. The staff is very easy to work with and always willing to answer questions or help if we can’t figure out how to add something.

They also helped us get our Facebook page started with learning how to schedule posts and Facebook best practices; Gaby is a pleasure to work with.”

Thank you,

Oliver and Shelly at McKay Plumbing.

“Creating a new website is a great time to take a look at your current digital strategy and build on it to create something more effective if needed. We had a lot of fun giving McKay’s brand a makeover on this website, and we couldn’t be happier to hear they’ve already had such great results!” noted Lindsey

When working with Eng@ged our web services include:

  • Thoroughly planned and researched layout
  • Fresh and newly written content to tell your brand story
  • Responsive and user-friendly design
  • Website management services
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • WordPress training

Eng@ged’s knowledge and expertise cover all areas of graphic design and website design. We create marketing pieces that connect with customers and help you stand out from the competition, all while taking a hands-on approach!

Interested in a new custom website? Reach out to us directly or (920) 629-9940.